• Center for Democracy and Technology report on on end-to-end encryption and content moderation (report, blog post)
  • National Academies of Sciences report on encryption and exceptional access (report)


  • How to Search on Encrypted Data
    • Introduction (blog)
    • Deterministic encryption (blog)
    • Functional encryption (blog)
    • Oblivious RAM (blog)
    • Searchable symmetric encryption (blog)

Conferences & Workshops

Older writing

  • The FBI’s COINTELPRO (blog)
  • Is the NSA metadata program legal (blog)
  • Restructuring the NSA metadata program (blog, MIT Tech Review)
  • Are compliance and privacy always at odds? (blog, Lawfare)
  • How not to learn cryptography (blog)


  • A Q&A with Nature on crypto & technology for the people
  • Developments in cryptography with PBS’s White House Chronicle (video)

Some articles about our work

  • A Plan to Stop Data Breaches with Dead Simple Encryption (Wired)
  • MongoDB Moves Encryption Out of the Server (Wired)
  • A Long-Awaited Defense Against Data Leaks May Have Just Arrived (Wired)
  • How Cryptography Lets Down Marginalized Communities (Wired)
  • This Encrypted Gun Registry Might Bridge a Partisan Divide (Wired)
  • An App That Encrypts Your Photos From Camera to Cloud (Wired)
  • From your photos to your location: “structured encryption” could be the next big thing in privacy protection (CBC Spark Radio)
  • Using structured encryption to search protected photos in the cloud (Boing Boing)